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We all start somewhere right?

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So what is holding

you back from your


goals, dreams and a future of freedom?


It is FEAR


FEAR of being out of your comfort zone and traveling into the unknown.


You have to face your fear factor to get to the levels you want to be at.


Sometimes you have to just get out of your own way.


Watch this video right to the end and when you have finished watch it again.


Watch it 100 times just like Bob tells you to do.



This just may change the way you thing and more importantly your life.


If you are like me and want to change and make the best of your life then understanding your mind is a very important factor of your success.


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Throughout this blog post I am going to run through some key factors to help you get the best out of your blog and how to start ranking your posts by strategically setting out you post with these “blog post tips”. I will be running through step by step how to best optimize your blog post by giving you the best blog post tips.

Top 10 Blog Post Tips

Blog Post Tips #1: Be sure to put your main keyword in the title of your post for example in this post I am blogging about the keywords blog post tips, this is giving the reader a heads up of what the blog post is about and also optimizing the title for the search engines to pick the post up and start ranking for these keywords. (shown in video)

Blog post tips #2: Putting your keywords in the H1, H2 and H3 subtitle tags. These are the heading titles for the heading 1, heading 2 and heading three. Again this helps you stand out to Google and gives Google and other search engines a better idea of what the blog post is about. (shown in video)

Blog Post Tips #3: By strategically placing your main keyword throughout your post you are further optimizing your post, for example if you are writing a 500 word blog post you will want the keyword throughout the post every 100 words or so. (shown in video)

Blog Post Tips What Not To Do

Remember to never spam your own content by stuffing your content with keywords over and over.

Blog Post Tips #4: Make your keywords stand out by italicizing the keyword, bald/highlight keyword and also underline your main keyword. This further helps your post stand out to Google. You will see throughout this blog post I have optimized my post this way. (shown in video)

 Blog Post Tips #5: Always add an image to your blog post. This helps your post stand out to the reader and also to Google, but don’t just add an image and that’s that. You have to also make Google read the image as Google is not that clever to see what the image is. We have to tell Google what the image is by entering the main keyword in the ALT Tag or alternative tag. (shown in video)

Blog Post Tips #6: hyperlink your main keyword and have it pointing to the blog post of that keyword. So for example I am going to hyperlink the keyword for this post which is blog post tips. You see if you click on this link it will take you directly to this post. This helps further optimize the post to that keyword. (shown in video)

Blog Post Tips #7: It is also good practice to have an internal link to an inner page. This can be a page which is relevant to the post you are writing. Example, this post is about blog post tips. I could link it to another post on my blog about – how to set out a blog--. Google loves it when you link to another page on your blog as this allows Google to crawl all over your blog as your pages will all be interlinked together. (shown in video)

Blog Post Tips #8: Have a YouTube video on your blog. YouTube is owned by Google so the more you interact Google products together this is a big help for your blog posts. Also by having a value added video with great content will allow people to stay on your blog longer by watching the video. Again the longer people stay on your blog the more Google will help you rank your content as Google see’s your content as high quality as people are staying at your content for a long period of time. (shown in video)

Blog Post Tips #9: Be sure to add relevant, unique content to your blog posts. The more unique and personalized your content is the more Google and more importantly people will come back to your blog. By allowing people to comment, like and share your blog content the more your blog posts will go viral which means the more eyes you will get on your posts. (shown in video)

"Blog Post Tips" #10: Always at the end of every post give a good call to action. By call to action you are telling the reader what to do next. For example click this link to learn more blog post tips and other blogging strategies that will help explode your business by blogging. (shown in video)

Blog Post Tips

I hope you have enjoyed reading through this post and have got some great value from it. I have so much more value to give to you and your business which you can get from here.



Help Is At Hand With Us!!!


I wanted to share this as this information I share with you here today is the information which is and has changed my life and thousands of people's lives around me.

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Love ya, and see you tonight.

I got to get my whiteboard out, it's getting rusty...

-David Wood
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You Can not Hide From The Blog Beast


You cannot hide from the Blog Beast. It is everywhere and this is just the start. If you are seeing the blog beast all over social media and the internet and you are wondering what the Blog Beast is, then allow me to shed some light on this online monster.

The Empower Network Blog Beast is the brain child of co founders David Wood and David Sharpe. They recently took over the internet 2 years ago with Empower Network version 1.0.

From The Office Of Blog Beast Founders

Hey there, Dave & Dave here,

When we originally launched Empower Network a lot of people called us crazy. And they were right. We had the unreasonable and ridiculous goal of helping more people earn more money and have more success than anything in the history of Internet Marketing.

Fast forward almost 2 years, we've generated over 155,000 customers and paid out over $60,000,000 in commissions. So yes - *they were right* - we are crazy! :-)

More importantly, what we've done up until now is small in comparison to what we have planned for the future, and this launch is the start of a new evolution (and possibly, a new revolution, too). The bottom line is, since we launched on October 31, 2011 the Internet has never been the same. *And it's about to happen again.*

Join us. Let's lock arms. And *together* - create the most success, help the most people, and have the biggest, baddest and most 'beastmode' product launch ever. Ready?

Let's DO this.

- Dave & Dave


The Blog Beast is the end product of a year’s planning and $3MILLION investment from Empower Network.

This new platform is built for every person out there, whether you are an affiliate marketer, direct sales marketer, network marketer, whether you have an offline business you want to bring to the internet or even if you have never made money before online and you want to get into this industry.

This new Blog Beast is built for every individual needs and will help you succeed in any project you put together.

Enough Of The Hype, Why Is The Blog Beast So Special

The Blog Beast now has several new functionalities, one of these is a mobile app which allows you to now upload video and audio direct from your mobile to your blog, without having to login, mess with HTML code or embedding or anything like this. They have granny proofed the new platform to just a point and click usage.

No more messing with silly plugins etc… like WordPress.

Blog Beast is now able to host as many blog platforms as you like using as many different domain names as you like. It is all hosted from your one account which is a low cost of $25 monthly.

If you have different niches you are targeting you can now have a blog to market to that particular niche. This is very powerful and will be suited to millions, yes, millions of marketers all over the world.

The Blog Beast will be making WordPress redundant and out dated. There will be nothing that will come close to the power of this new Blog Beast.

The Blog Beast also allows you to publish your blog posts to the world or you can be more private and publish just to your team or even certain levels of your team depending on what product suite they are in.

The best time to get in is now, why? Because there is a huge market out there that needs this, everyone on the planet in fact.

Everyone you know should have a mobile phone. Now they can blog and make money with it. There are different products inside Empower Network Blog Beast but you are able to get in at a low cost of $25 right here right now.


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